Acute Collective

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About ACUTE collective

Established in 2012, Acute is a San Francisco-based collective of creatives, committed to providing consistently impeccable hair and nail services to our clients. Often referred to as the “hair hospital”, Acute has helped clients recover from over-dyed, bleached, burned, and busted hair. We are also a nail wellness spa. We work to help clients recover from having broken and bitten nails, to having healthy and stable nails, using a therapeutic approach. Our current team includes Linda, a veteran stylist who specializes in cutting-edge cut and color work that tackles all hair types and textures; Kenya, a stylist who specializes in Hot Heads hair extensions, color, and make up; and G – San Francisco’s first and only nail rehab specialist. Together, we always aim to create custom looks tailored to your unique style and personality.

We pride ourselves in using cruelty free and environmentally friendly products by Kevin Murphy, a revolutionary company rooted in the philosophy that hair care should be the same as skin care.



Owner of Acute Collective, Linda Thomas started her career internationally, training for several years under a variety of skilled hands. She has over a decade of experience and her approach to hair is to always achieve polished simplicity. Precision cuts and meticulous highlights leave your hair feeling healthy and you feeling glamorous. Linda has mastered the alchemy and science behind natural, subtle color that perfectly suits your face, life or whim. Vivacious and engaging, Linda loves chatting with clients and neighbors alike and after a visit to Acute, clients often feel as though they have been visiting with an old friend.



Kenya Rivas discovered her love for hair and make up in cosmetology school actually attending to learn nails. She loves to make bold fantasy color dreams come true, as much as natural soft beach highlights. Kenya specializes in Hot Heads hair extensions and make up for special occasions or every day wear.



G is San Francisco’s first and only Nail Rehab specialist. IBX Certified since 2014 and a licensed tech since 2009, her focus is on maintaining happy and healthy natural nails, even under nail enhancements! With over 250 colors to choose from, including brands such as Vetro, Kokoist, Presto, Gel Two, Color Club, Aora, Luxio, and many more, G treats clients with a private one-on-one experience with the highest quality nail products and newest art trends. She takes bitten or peeling nails and tailors a regimen using IBX to repair the damage. She also educates clients about natural nail care; though she does not offer full sets/extensions, she instead helps clients grow their own nails to their desired length and helps to maintain them. G is currently am working on her Medical Nail Technician certificate to further provide the best quality rehab services.